Cut together

In the Cut Together! project 15 young people met and worked together on a weekly basis in the 13th district of Budapest. The project had a well-planned agenda, through which we used non-formal community building methods integrating the expertise of trainers and film-making experts in order to transfer knowledge to the young people about basic film shooting methods and interview making techniques. Based on the gathered knowledge and using the obtained skills the young people made their short creative documentary films to express their opinion on topics that they consider important.
Thus the general objective of our project was to provide possibilities to disadvantaged young people between the age of 16-20 to develop their creativity and to be able to let others know about their opinion by the means of shooting and distributing creative documentaries.
The project consisted of 3 phases:
1. Month 1-2: preparation, data gathering, recruiting the participants.
2. Month 3-6: the main part of the project was implemented in 3 phases; (1) after the 1 month long group integration phase, (2) the group have learned about basic film shooting methods and interview techniques for one month, then (3) created their own documentaries in 2 months.
3. Month 7-8: the films were featured in 3 cinemas in Budapest during the last two months of the project by the means of community-based film distribution.
The basis of our work methodology was the non-formal experience-oriented learning. The planned activities were set up in order to fully comply with the needs of the young people, at the same time to be flexible enough in case the participants of the project require any change.
The project’s main techniques consisted of collaborative group work, individual activities and creative common activity. The films created and shot by the participants had shown to the public by the means of community-based film distribution, with the aim of dissemination.
Short films from the project:
Waiting room
Scallywags - What do you think of teenagers today? 
Cut together trailer 
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